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09/10/2016: PLI to the Staff of BSNL ....

09/10/2016: MVP campaign at Erode ....

MVP campaign at Erode All India President AIBSNLEA, Circle president AIBSNLEA, CWC member AIBSNLEA, Com M.C.ravi, Com VKP , Org Secretary AIGETOA, alongwith Dist Secretary AIBSNLEA, Dist President AIBSNLEA, Dist Secretary AIGETOA, and Dist President AIGETOA ...

Meeting with GM T Erode on 15/09/2016 by Joint Forum of Executives and Non Executives Unions and Associations , Erode SSA

GM T has given as assurance that Admin section will be taken away from present  DGM EB / Admin and will hand over to DGM CFA from 10th October 2016.

There will be one DGM exclusively for CFA Planning and Admin in our SSA.

The biased orders issued to only for  two DEs  (not the members of  one particular Association) to remain  in HQ will be withdrawn.

The other issues  to be settled  


 Biased transfer orders for the Executives of one particular Association
 Pending transfer orders for Female Executives

Update and Display the Transfer waiting list of Executives            transparently   according to Transfer policy

 Overlooked Transfers to be restored with proper enquiry behind the episodes to redress the affected officers who completed 58 yrs

 Respect Court/CAT orders delivered in similar nature of transfer stay prayed by  two female staff, equally without any partial approach which impacting other staff in our SSA.

The Dharna Programme is postponed after 10th October 2016

14/09/2016: AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA - Joint Circle Office Bearers Meeting at Erode on 21/09/2016 ...

Dear Comrades,  
Joint Circle Office Bearers and CWC members meeting of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA     TN Circle will be held at ERODE on 21-09-2016 at 10:00 Hrs to discuss about MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION
All the Circle Office Bearers and CWC Members are requested to attend without fail.

14/09/2016: DHARNA Notice by JOINT FORUM of Executive and Non Executive Unions and Associations, Erode SSA ..

17/12/2015: Joint meeting of AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA with GM T Erode on 16/12/2015 ...

The Joint forum AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA met GM T Erode on 16/12/2015 for local issues. Admin side  AGM Admin, Erode was  present.

AIBSNLEA side  Dist Secretary P Senthilkumaralingam DE and Dist President K K Dhandapani CAO took part and AIGETOA side  Sri Mayakrishnan SDE Dist Secretary and  D Shyamala SDE took part.

Accute shortage of Executives in OCB ( with Main OCB and connected RSUs  RLUs  and IP TAX) is being manned by Two SDEs only.  Requirement of one JTO for IP TAX raised.

BB section with 234 DSLAMs througout the  SSA earlier nearly for one year only one SDE took care now with another SDE. Requirement of JTO was projected.

For  SDE MBM section, Erode the present JTO at Modakurichi was given looking after arrangement as SDE and posted at NWO CM Section. 
GM T assured one JTO for DE Internal Section, and subsequently other staff also.
Improper allotment of stores - UG cables and power plant allotment to needy and revenue earning places. Power plants are not allotted for replacement of life expired exchanges but given for replacement for just 8 years served exchanges, which can be attended, But because of this exchange failures and BTS failures are occuring frequently. 
Improper allotment UG cable  to revenue earning Division was verified by GM T himself in the meeting.

GM T was asked by Dist Secretary AIBSNLEA to post the Regular DEs from Kerala Circle to the places they requested by replacing  LA DEs as the LA DE arrangement is at their request only and they can be posted anywhere in the SSA.  Even  senior DEs with Quarter century continuous stay in the SSA are   enjoying their stay in our SSA.

GM wants guidelines from Circle for such postings.

No exclusive vehicle is available for DE Internal Erode,  for moving RSUs on Sundays and Holidays and for BB DSLAMs faults as pooling vehicles are not available on sundays and holidays

The issue of Time bound promotions for Accounts cadre and AD OL was also raised to speed up. GM T asked AGM Admin to speed up the Time bound promotions.

The requirement of stand by batteries and replacement of life expired 5000 AH battery in Telephone Bhavan was raised. GM T assured to look into the matter

The diary issue was raised, for delayed receipt for last year. GM T asked AGM Admin to look into the issue